Exeter, NH

Exeter is a walkable, historic town. The town was originally settled in 1638 by Reverend John Wheelwright. It has been an important location in the New England region ever since.  It served as the revolutionary war capital of New Hampshire.  In addition, it functioned as a seaport in the late 1600's and early to late 1700's. Primarily along what is now Swasey Parkway, at the mouth of the Squamscott River.

This town is has many notable locations such as recreational areas, parks, and many indoor and outdoor activities for families. Important town landmarks, such as Philips Exeter Academy (PEA), Swasey Parkway, the Town Hall, Ladd Gilman House, Folsom Tavern, and the American Independence Museum, are great places to visit while in the area.

Over the past several years, Exeter's downtown has seen a wave of new businesses, including dozens of restaurants ranging from traditional pizza and burger places, to upscale wine bars, to Hawaiian and Asian fusion, and so much more! There really is something for every palate in this small New Hampshire town.

Exeter Train Station | 0.1 miles

Phillips Exeter Academy | 0.3 miles

American Independence Museum | 0.4 miles

Swasey Park | 0.6 miles

Gazebo Downtown | 0.6 miles

Exeter Hospital | 1.3 miles

Route 101 | 1.6 miles

I-95 | 6.5 miles

Hampton Beach | 9.7 miles

University of New Hampshire | 12.5 miles

Portsmouth, NH | 17.8 miles

Boston, MA | 55 miles


69 Main Street is Very Walkable